Annual Inter - House Sports Competition

Annual Inter - House Sports Competition

The training and up bringing of Emarid college students is what we referred to as complete training i.e. it encompasses academic, spiritual, social and physical training. in view of the importance placed on physical aspect of training of our students, the college management regularly organize annual inter house sports competition amongst the students. It holds in February every year, during the second term of each academic session.

Emarid college annual sports competitions are tagged – The gathering of divine champions and its venue is the sport complex of the Igwuruta campus – Km 24 Eneka/Igwuruta Road, Igwuruta. The college management groups the students into four houses, which serves as a veritable platform for sporting activities and competition. These houses are represented by their different colours as enumerated below:

  • Winners House - Green Colour
  • Overcomers House - Purple Colour
  • Triumphant House - Yellow Colour
  • Victory House - Red Colour

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