About Emarid College

Emarid College is a private Co-educational Christian Institution with the aim to provide an excellent all-round education so each child can achieve their full potentials in a God fearing and disciplined environment.
The Vision of the school raising Godly Vessels unto Honour with a mission to providing a Caring Creative and Christ Centre Community where each individual is developed as an outstanding leader spiritually, morally, intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally in a serene, secure and stimulating environment.

The College took off in September, 1992 with JS1 & JS2. By the end of the first term, six students had been register; Four in JS1 and Two in JS2. Five teachers were employed to teach these students. It was indeed a small family, with each student being given special attention. This figure was maintained throughout that academic session. The following academic session (1993/94), the student’s population increased to sixteen in JS1, six in JS2 and two in JS3. As usual, the parental love and care coupled with firm discipline under the leading of the Holy Spirit, had together with academic excellence been the emphasis of the school authority. This we believe was instrumental to the upsurge that followed. In September, 1994 over 300 students joined what had now been known as "The Emarid Family". Naturally, there was a corresponding increase in the staff strength. The College presently, with Total Glory to God, boasts of a cream of intelligent, disciplined and polished students, who are not only inculcating the right type of positive values and attitude that would be the pride of the parent, but are also acquiring appropriate skills and competence required in a society like ours. Students are brought up with the fear, knowledge and love of God.

Success Story So Far
Over the years, the school has succeeded in producing students with excellent grades. Not surprisingly, a number of our ex-students have gained admission into various universities within Nigeria and top universities in Ghana, United Kingdom (UK), United State of America (USA), Asia, Russia and other parts of the world. These ex-Emarid Students are indeed doing quite well in their various universities and some are now graduates. This we owe to the total dedication of our staff, both academic and non academic, in the upbringing of these children. Their role and interest in relationship to the students are thus not only academic, but parental, disciplinary and co-curricular in nature.

Pastor Belemina T. Obunge


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Quote of the Day

Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students.